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SeneGence Sense Cosmetic Artist Lisa Monette, offers the Best Advanced Glamour Tips for applying ShadowSense. Her expertise will certainly help you achieve looking your personal best when applying SeneGence unique cosmetics.

  • It’s important to remember that when you look at a woman’s face, you see her eyes and not her shadow.
  • The general rule is that light shades bring out your eyes, while darker shades give them dimension.
  • To apply ShadowSense, make sure first that you have applied SeneGence SeneDerm Skin Care and MakeSense foundation well blended.
  • For quick application, apply a few dots from the sponge tip wand to the eyelid. Let dry a second then blend with a brush or fingertips.
  • Line with EyeSense Eye Liner and apply with LashSense with UnderSense Mascara or LashSense to make your eyes stand out.
  • Each ShadowSense color can be lightened by adding MakeSense White Blending Highlighter. Apply under or over color to adjust color. Us a tapping motion with fingertips to finish off.
  • The advance color technology makes this easy to apply without using a lot of product. Start with less for a more natural effect, then build on for more depth of color.
Ideas for Specific Types of Eyes & Looks
  1. Small Eyes – Use a light shade such as Candlelight ShadowSense on the inner three fourths of the eye starting from the lashes to med area of lid.
  2. Apply a medium shade such as Moca Java or Copper Rose with fingertip or brush concentrating on the outer half of the eye.
  3. Apply EyeSense Eye Liner very close and very thin to lash line of top and outer corner of bottom lashes.
  4. Apply Make Sense Blender under arch of brow bone to highlight and also in corner of eyes to open up the eyes.
  5. Keep your eyebrows well groomed and shaped. A more slender shape for small eyes wil open them up.
  1. Wide-Set Eyes – Apply light color such as Candlelight or Whisper Pink Shadowsense to entire lid area.
  2. Apply a medium shade such as Moca Java, Copper Rose, Mystic Moss, Sapphire near the eyes inner corner continuing out toward the temple.
  3. Use Ebony Essence ShadowSense as a very thin line to give a smoky definition. Apply to top and bottom lash line.
  4. Concentrate LashSense on the center lashes.
  1. Deep-Set Eyes – Use a light shade from the lash line blending up toward brow bone.
  2. Using the sponge tip wand or eye shadow bursh, apply deep color such as Garnet, Ebony Essence, Moca Java, Copper Rose just above the crease, and blend up and out.
  3. With deep-set eyes it is important to stay close to the lash line when applying liner.
  4. Dot a small amount of highlighter color such as Opal ShadowSense on the inner corner of eyes.
  5. Use LashSense with UnderSense on the upper and lower lashes.
  1. Close-Set Eyes – Apply Blender & Candlelight on the iner half of the upper lid from lash to brow.
  2. Lightly apply Moca Java, Copper Rose, Mystic Moss, Sapphire to outer half of the eyled towards hairline and blend well.
  3. Line the eye at the inner corner extending beyod the outer edge.
  4. Apply LashSense to upper lashes and lower outer corner lashes.
  1. Round Eyes – Use Moca Java, Mystic Moss, Copper Rose, Peridot sparinly on lid.
  2. Line under the eye with same color to create a smoky base.
  3. Line the eye with EyeSense on top and bottom making sure to blend the shadow into the line.
  4. Create a more almond effect by extending the lower line a bit larger than eye shape and connect on sides of eye by blending with finger tips.
  5. LashSense on top lashes only concentrating on the outer half of the eye.
Bulging or Puffy Eyes – Apply light shade such as Whisper Pink or Candlelight in the inner corner of the eye area.
Wherever the eye is puffy or bulging, use a darker shade in that spot.
Line th ewhoe eye to decrease the puffy effects. Blend well into the shadow.
Emphasize upper lashes with mascara especially towards outer lashes. Use very little on lower lashes.
  • When first using the product from the wand, gently wipe off any excess on the side of the tube.
  • Keep it simple. Choose light shades to brighten the eye and the deeper colors to recess the shape.
  • Don’t forget to analyze the brow shape and apply needed definition. You can also use ShadowSense to define the brow or soften the shape by using BrowSense.
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