Luscious Hydrated Lips with LipSense

Winter dull drums are in full swing here! I am looking out my window to view a yard  full of white where it used to be lush & green. My thoughts become focused on sharing all my best ammunition against yucky winter, flaky, gray, dry skin & lips.

Pallette of Color from LipSenseToday is about boosting my spirits with a sincere blast of LipSense color in celebration of my hydrated, well moisturized lips. It’s all about a natural exfoliation process that occurs with daily use of LipSense and my new prescription for elevating that process to new heights.

Recently, a fellow SeneGence Consultant, Pamela B. shared the following added LipSense bedtime exfoliation tip.

    • “Take SeneGence Senederm Dry skin cleanser (will share more info about this astounding product very soon) Mix with a tiny amount of our SeneDerm Solutions Polishing Exfoliator & combine with our Foops. It’s a perfect.”  Her cocktail for hydrating your lips an night is a fabulous solution to completely restore your winter lips.
    • Wear LipSense Glossy Gloss to bed every night. Nothing like putting 95% Shea Butter mixed with all things wonderful for healing you dulled out winter lips.

Lipsense solutions

  • Love…Love…Love! the feel and the results of wearing the new Plump Pink Lipvolumizer over my LipSense. Such a yummy feeling and a gorgeous tint over most any shade I wear. Are you worried that the tinted Lip plumper will change the shade your current favorite Lipsense?  You will want to try the Clear LipVolumizer. The lipvolumizer is now a staple in my lipbag along with my glossy gloss.

Drink lots of water…Make a commitment to do so  if for no other reason than your general health.

I can hardly wait to share all of my SeneGence recipes for hydrated, well moisturized luminous skin this winter. No hype just products that really work and they are 100% Guaranteed.


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