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Let an expert to step you throughHooray! I love Fridays! Especially when I wake up to an email requesting More, More & More SeneGence! That came my way this morning from my customer Gail, in addition to an absolutely glowing LipSense review. If you are looking for more reviews you can find the here.The Sun is shining!

Sounds like I am surprised? Sort of!  Personally, I do not believe there are any long lasting lipsticks that compare to LipSense By SenGence International and I consider myself an authority since I have tried quite a few.
But! I am faced with a  reality check that we live in a society where everyone is sooooo busy that many do not take the additional time required for this type of nicety without some sort of  potential personal gain.

Kind words are always appreciated! and ***I am the lucky one today!*** Check it out…
Senegence LipSense Lipstick


“Thanks for the speedy delivery!

I cannot go a day without LipSense and only vaguely remember wearing lipstick prior to stumbling onto this magnificent stuff & you. Love it all!  In fact, if you have not noticed,  I am beginning to replace my entire cosmetic graveyard you referred to several years ago with mostly SeneGence. It is my intention to leave all of my cosmetic decisions up to you from now on because your recommendations always work for me.

You are the real deal color expert.

I am using the pink lip plumper as my gloss over the Sheer Pink and agree with you about the creamy feel, the tint is a nice change. Does it come in other colors? More please? The bonus is that I  think my lips are looking fuller.

Please send 1 more foundation, candlelight and surprise with a new lipsense shade? Do you use the wrinkle product? No Hurry.”


My condensed response to Gail was a Massive Big Thank You! a thousand times Thank You!

And Ladies! Not to diminish LipSense by any means But check out one of my NEW favorite products called LipVolumizer lip plumper (location is partially down the page)that is offered in Clear, Plump Pink, Buxom Beige, Mauvelous. They can be worn with or without LipSense.

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