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LipSense New Lipcolor ABCs Shades My new LipSense ABC Sets arrived yesterday! I am always excited when SeneGence introduces new LipSense shades but


The LipSense ABC’s is a Rockin red hot concept!

lipsense ideal for yours lipsWhen I first looked at these colors I thought each were beautiful and could easily stand alone. SeneGence labeled each color as follows:

A Garnet B Ruby C Coral

These Lipsense colors are labeled precisely the way they are to be layered…1st layer of A Garnet, 2nd layer B Ruby LipSense, 3rd layer C Coral LipSense. What the heck! I applied each individually on my hand yesterday afternoon…Umm again, each is very different and stellar on their own. Next…I decided to follow the rules…A.B.C and the most gorgeous fall shade appeared on my hand. ( the middle shade, BRuby is a much deeper rose red shade)colors-on-handThe three colors layered are an exquisite brownish copper jeweled tone shade. It reminds somewhat of a shade that I used to know well when I worked for Revlon, called Copperglaze Sienna lipstick. It is deep undertone, followed by a cool toned berry, then topped off with an oppulent shade of coral.


SeneGence is currently offering a special the I will pass onto you…

FREE LipSense. Purchase all 3 LipSense for the price of 2.
That’s just $40.00 for the ABCs

***Offer Ends October 14th, 2008 at 5:00pm cst. These New ABC colors are not listed in the products area of the ordering website. Please order ANY TWO LIPSENSE lipcolors (I will cancel those shades on my end) and in the notes section of your order write ABC. No Free shipping with the ABC special.

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