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Hottest Spring Shades for My LipSense Customers

LipSense Trends for Spring & Summer 2010Looking for the perfect LipSense lipcolor Shades for
Spring and Summer 2010?

It is my pleasure to assist you with professional cosmetic and color selection.

The time for change is upon us!
Hooray…Spring forward is here and now.

Who needs a calender to recognize it’s Spring? Certainly, Not Me… I have the worlds greatest customers emailing me on a daily basis in search of the  “IT” shades of lipstick to compliment the hottest color trends in fashion this season.

Count me very blessed (and Lucky) that my customers continually look to me with each new season for expert advice regarding there color cosmetics.Keep LipSense in your heart!!!

I sincerely Thank you! Love it! and Hope  that you know it is truly an honor and my passion to supply you with well thought out recommendations …
even for those of you that seem to  tax my mind to its very outer limits,
thus pushing me to truly abstract 3 D  colorful thoughts. Only kidding!

Laughing?  Humor must take over sometimes as many of you know me pretty well.
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Summer Love Lipsense Is Back

SeneGence International has been very creative with its most recent marketing materials.
Color is primarily the interpretation of the individual describing the shade which makes it difficult when communicating actual concrete information. I feel the following information will make it much simpler to address.

I am anxious to hear your feedback on the following information that is bits and pieces of this weeks marketing material pertaining to Summer Love lipsense and HOT fashion forward recipes for some dazzling Summer Love color combination’s.

SummerLoveLipsensePinkGlittOriginal Intensity

Three dimensional golden-orange with a pinkish coral undertone


3 Layers of Summer Love
1 Layer of Pink Glitter Gloss


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Alluring LipSense Lips for this Holiday Season

LipSense Colors of the Season

WooHoo! Hot, Sexy, Alluring Lips just in time for the Holidays.

What a wonderful, warm and enchanting time of year and
I just love being able to experience all seasons where I live in the Midwest.

I must admit that I cannot take any credit for this Celebrity favorite look,

Thus extending all kudos (and a huge Hug & Thanks) to Kandee Johnson, Cosmetic Make Up-Artist and Creator of many fabulous looks on Hollywood Stars and beyond. She is a gifted visionary make-up artist that understands the power of color and exercises the freedom to create absolute beauty.

Muster your best fashionista attitude and grab a pair of Stilettos (or at leastLipSense Sugar and Spice the vision) prior to applying this most alluring LipSense Holiday Color Combination.
(HA! I’m crazy about the way that sounds)

  • Begin by applying your SeneGence Natural concealer around the outer edge of your lips. This will set the stage for the drama…
  • Dark Nude is the LinerSense Lipliner of choice! Line your lips slightly above your lipline. This shade and technique will create a professional contoured look.
  • Use Creamy Pink LipSense – When you pull out the wand from your LipSense tube, you will want to remove any excess of the color so as not to deposit to much in the application process.  Kandee broke the “LipSense Application rules” by using a bit of a soft feathery back and forth brush stoke movement to apply the LipSense just slightly into the Lip linersense line.
  • Use Creme Puff LipSense – Follow the directions above on wiping off ANY access on the applicator extremely well prior to touching your Tap applicator lightly on the “Highlight” area of your bottom lip which is located right in the center and do the same process on the top lip “Cupid Bow” area.

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Are You Looking To Order SeneGence, LipSense or Sense Cosmetics?

SeneGence is moving from one Sunny Southern California location to a New Califorinia location this week-end beginning February 22nd. All SeneGence websites will be down this week-end and resume normal operation on Monday, February 25th. Please accept my apology for any inconvenience.

Please Call me at 314-283-6402 to order your LipSense, SeneGence or Sense Cosmetics this weekend.

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Celebrate the New Year with LipSense

Cannot believe it’s almost SeneGence Ten Year AnnivOh my gosh! I can hardly believe another year has passed with just a snap of my fingers thus proving my mothers words

“just wait…the older you get the faster the years go by.”

SeneGence will be celebrating it’s ten year anniversary in 2009! and it just seems like yesterday that I found LipSense at my local Hair Salon eight VERY SHORT years ago.

Meeting LipSense was a life changing event for this lipstick lipqueen! The lipcolor called lipsense appeared to be more like a permanent lip marker Or Lip Ink on my hand and little did I know that it was going to become a staple of my existence.
No question about becoming a distributor because I would need every color

OOPS! Did I tell you that I wasn’t looking for a new career or to change any of the rest of my beloved cosmetics which to this day I remember each ones brand as well as shade name.
Yes! I am loyal and my brand now is SeneGence is every variety & shade.

Thank GOD! my memory still serves me well today.

OKAY!! So it was with great reluctance that I slowly changed all of my cosmetics over to SeneGence with Skincare being the absolute LAST…
Now for the real LipSense by SeneGence testimonial! I solemnly swear that my skin changed so drastically that all my friends noticed and my esthetician became a SeneGence distributor as well.
The rest of the story later…But for now!

New Year, New Skin and FREE LipSense

Purchase SeneGence SeneDerm Skincare Set to include the following:basic skin collection

1 Cleanser
1 Daytime Moisturizer
1 Evening Moisturizer
1 Eye Creme
For the un-believeable cost of $135.00

LipSense Is The Only Genuine Semi Permanent LipColor Let me know which color of LipSense you want for FREE in the notes section of your order.

Only 1 Free offer per order and this offer expires January 5, 1009.

OR you may just want to choose to become a SeneGence Cosmetic Distributor for FREE until December 31st, 2008.

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