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SeneGence Seminar This Week!

SeneGence Distributors will gather in Sunny, Newport Beach, California this week for Sense Cosmetic Annual Seminar. It is with BUNCHES of regret that I cannot be in attendance. I would love to be honest but am sincerely working on “IF YOU CAN SAY SOMETHING NICE the SHUT UP”. Let’s just say next year.
I have attended 3 Seminars and 1 advanced training called PIT Stop in CA. Seminar is the ultimate training and networking event. It seems continue reading »

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SeneGence Seminar Announcements


New distributor sign-up option!
New product brochure – Great layout!
New distributor autoship!
New customer shipping direct!
New organizer wheeled bag!

New pearlizer, eye shadow colors, nail polishes and the most amazing INSTANT TANNER! You wash it on in the shower, let it sit 1-2 continue reading »

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LipSense By SeneGence New Distributor Information

NEW SeneGence LipSense distributors often ask “What do I order?”
When it comes to LipSense, you will always sell the color you like best the most! Keep in mind that Company wide SheerBerry is #1, Dusty Rose is #2 and Currant is #3. I can easily tell you that the following colors also sell very well: Moca, Pink Champagne, Brick, Blush, Beige Champagne, Rose Ice, Nude, Fire n Ice, Dark Pink, Sheer Pink.

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Your Invited to Meet the CEO & Founder of SeneGence, Joni Rogers-Kante

SeneGence Sense Cosmetics SeneDerm

So thrilled that Joni, CEO and founder of SeneGence, makers of LipSense long lasting Lip Color is making her way across the country (via SeneBus) with a stop in Missouri before the up-coming highly anticipated birth of her (and Benjamin’s) Son.

Are you currently a LipSense Distributor looking to gain useful knowledge to explode your SeneGence Business?

Would you be interested in becomming a LipSense By SeneGence Distributor ? You know the Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas, Iowa are all well within a drive to just outside of St. Louis to learn all about the wonders of SeneGence.

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SeneGence Began With A Committment!

SeneGence Heart...Rock SolidThe name, SeneGence means the art of intelligent aging. In it’s infancy SeneGence founder and CEO, Joni Rogers-Kante along with a very renown chemist, Yoram Fishman (responsible for thousands of products you know) set our to develop a state of the art skincare line that would nourish, refine, energize and balance the skin within and without to ensure improvement in the skins condition, texture and feel.

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