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LipSense! Selling the Perfect Product in this Economy

News Flash! LipSense Semi Permanent Lipstain Sells NEWS FLASH!
Have you heard that Lipstick and Beer sales soar in difficult economic times or in this case a recession (such an icky word)?

It just occurred to me that I have been through several economic downturns throughout the past few decades while being employed by various cosmetic companies.

Good or bad, the challenging experience allows me to be an educated veteran of today’s times in the world of cosmetics.

My SeneGence business is very healthy with a good increase over 2007 thanks to thelipsense spread most unique guaranteed lipcolor called LipSense and many loyal users of the rest of the long lasting, semi permanent line of SeneDerm & Sense Cosmetics from SeneGence International.

No lies here…True Story! I was working in my home office yesterday when I turned my head to the TV (just love background noise while working) to a new advertising campaign launched by Avon Cosmetics…You remember? (Door Bell?) Avon Calling. This particular ad campaign is not targeted in the direction of a specific product but instead the opportunity for a women to consider “changing your life by launching a new career to live the life you deserve” by selling Avon Cosmetics.

AH HA! Lipstick sells AH HAH! Moment for me…Lipstick sells! And they know it… Just ask Andrea Jung, the CEO of Avon.

SeneGence offers every woman the choice to become a valued customer or a distributor. Yes! If you choose to become a SeneGence distributor/consultant, you will be your Boss as well as being able to offer women truly revolutionary, exclusive, affordable products that they can use with ease and confidence. Every product performs as promised and is guaranteed. LipSense By SeneGence also allows a tremendous variety of ways to work your cosmetic business. Consider the traditional demos or small to large trade shows, calling on gyms, spas and boutiques or even choose to rent retail space. Many choices with SeneGence and the best is that you will be able to offer the most incredible patented product called Lip Sense. LipSense literally WOWS women and is the Lipcolor of choice for many Hollywood stars as well as a fabulous value.

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Your Invited to Meet the CEO & Founder of SeneGence, Joni Rogers-Kante

SeneGence Sense Cosmetics SeneDerm

So thrilled that Joni, CEO and founder of SeneGence, makers of LipSense long lasting Lip Color is making her way across the country (via SeneBus) with a stop in Missouri before the up-coming highly anticipated birth of her (and Benjamin’s) Son.

Are you currently a LipSense Distributor looking to gain useful knowledge to explode your SeneGence Business?

Would you be interested in becomming a LipSense By SeneGence Distributor ? You know the Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas, Iowa are all well within a drive to just outside of St. Louis to learn all about the wonders of SeneGence.

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Welcome! New LipSense BySeneGence Distributor In Missouri!

Carol Clifton and LipSense By SeneGence Sense Cosmetics extend a warm welcome to New Missouri Distributor, Patricia.

Patrica! Imagine SeneGence, Laptop, Belize, Poolside on the BeachPatricia was recently introduced to LipSense and could hardly sleep over the excitment of such a remarkable product the likes of LipSense. She contacted me and wanted to see all of the colors that LipSense has to offer. She was very quick to tell me that she was a “Woman of Color” and preferred to go understated as opposed to Red Lips. She went on to say that she really wasn’t a Cosmetic Queen nor a Lip Queen because the cosmetics she had purchased in the past would not remain in tact for any length of time and she is a low maintainence woman on the go.

We connected immediately! She is a woman that gets it! She chose many products and as usual I told her that she has a choice with SeneGence and that she could choose to become a SeneGinse Distributor or certainly remain my customer. Patricia replied “No time for that… unless I could purchase discounted LipSense and other SeneGence products.” I said “No Problem, You can become what is known in SeneGence as a Casual Distributor. Become a SeneGence Distributor for just $45.00, Purchase the Lips Kit Option for $75.00 ($250.00 value) and you will recieve a 50% discount on your 1st order of just $600.00 of SeneGence. That means you will only pay $300.00 for that order plus tax & shipping on all.
Cute…She says “WHOA” and I told her that she could just share the wonders of LipSense and Sense Cosmetics with just a handful of friends and that will be gone in a blink of an eye. You would have to talk to her to understand that she is a women that likes to share.

Hey Patricia…See ya Poolside! That is a phrase that she has sworn as her mantra and the source for any business case study that she has been assigned. No better Cosmetic line in the world to be wearing “POOLSIDE” than SeneGence Semi-Permanent water-resistant cosmetics. You will sell it without even trying. Now, I have adopted the same with an addition…Poolside by the Beach.

Welcome the Newest SeneGence Dynamo in Missouri! Patricia

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SeneGence Seminar This Week!

SeneGence Distributors will gather in Sunny, Newport Beach, California this week for Sense Cosmetic Annual Seminar. It is with BUNCHES of regret that I cannot be in attendance. I would love to be honest but am sincerely working on “IF YOU CAN SAY SOMETHING NICE the SHUT UP”. Let’s just say next year.
I have attended 3 Seminars and 1 advanced training called PIT Stop in CA. Seminar is the ultimate training and networking event. It seems continue reading »

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SeneGence Distributor New Programs

Along with all of the new programs from SeneGence listed below, be sure to checkout the new sensational SeneGence website with colors that are so much more “true” than before!
In my opinion, the following three changes that were introduced at Seminar could change the way some, if not many of you do business. continue reading »

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