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Marie Claire, Christina Aguilera, Burlesque = Red LipSense

Marie Claire wear LipSenseIt was just a WOWED out Monday Funday for me when I received a phone call from my friend, Carla regarding LipSense. She sounded totally out of breath while telling me to RUN not walk to the Mailbox to check out page 92 of the November Issue of Marie Claire.

OH THE JOY! LipSense Long Lasting Lipcolor

Christina Aguilera, Star of the Hot new movie Burlesque is ringing the praises of  Red LipSense on the pages of one of my favorite fashion magazines ,
Marie Claire

LipSense long lasting lipstick in Cranberry & Blu Red has been a long time favorite pick for this world renown Pop Star however this recent article in Marie Claire is OVER THE TOP exciting.
Check out the magazine at your local News Stand!
A quick preview for YOU!

When Christina was asked by editor Courtney Dunlop if she had a favorite everyday shade? She replied,
“For the most part, my signature is from LipSense”
and went on to say…
“I love color…I’m not a beige kind of girl. Even in my home, accents of red show up in every room. Red Lips and fragrance always top off an outfit for me.”

and there’s more! On Cranberry Lipsence she says..

“If I’m feeling creative at home, I’ll throw on red Lips because it makes me feel good.”

Love Lipsense! It is the absolute number one BEST pick for long lasting lipstick.

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New Diamonds! LipSense Introduces Two New Diamond Shades

newdiam_star.jpgOOH LA LA…Diamonds! Don’t you love to sparkle and shine with Diamonds? Diamonds in all shades of flowers for Summer?

Check out the Newest Diamond LipSense Shades.

SeneGence Sense Cosmetics recently brought back (by popular demand…Of course!) Baguette Beige Diamond LipSense . This particular shade of lipsense is the soft and subtle classic color named Beige Champagne with actual diamond dust added to it to create the most gorgeous, Buy LipSense Diamond Lipcolorunderstated, elegant shade of lipcolor for your lips. Baquette Beige Diamond is also an equisite shade to layer with your favorite shade of Lipsense .

SeneGence also introduced two New Diamond Shades of Lipsense just in time for you to create your own signature sizzling hot lips for Spring and Summer 2009.

Meet Precious Topaz and Sparkling Bordeaux!

When you select your favorite shades you will probably want to consider purchasing

SeneGence new Discounted LipSense Collection Sets.

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Fantasy Fuscia LipSense

Fascinating Cool Toned LipSense Shade

Yes! It is true that Fantasy Fuscia is making a HUGE come back and
buyer beware it is in the “Limited Edition” category of LipSense colors.

When SeneGence discontinues lipsense colors it always causes a stir but nothing like the day that Fantasy fusia took an exit from the ordering site. Women screamed louder than ever because it was the only shade of its kind in the LipSense lipcolor line. Fantasy Fuscia is the cooler toned woman’s dream lipstick because it a is sheer, pinky purple shade that is rather iridescent with a slight prism quality.

It is highly unique and unfortunately only available for a limited time.

Do you enjoy SheerBerry LipSense? Glam it up this summer with two layers of SheerBerry followed with one layer of Fantasy Fuscia, Top if off with Pink Glitter gloss for the most beautiful cool toned shade suitable for a woman of any age.
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Meet The Newest LipSense Bonita

Ooh La La! Is my first thought when it comes to the new sizzling hot Bonita LipSense. SeneGence International recently introduced a new “SeneBlends Looks” to further simplify your selecting  just the perfect shade(s) for your own LipSense look.

Bonita LipSenseOriginal Intensity


Bright Pinkish Orange Coral with Golden tones


3 Layers of Bonita LipSense
Top it off with Gold Glitter Gloss for just the right amount of alluring glitz

To Soften Bonita with a color Combination named De Toute Beaute

Bonita De Toute Beaute LipSense copy

Soft Orange Sherbet Coral


2 Layers of Sunburst Orange LipSense
1 Layer Bonita LipSense
Top this yummy look off with Glossy Gloss with Shea butter

Lighten Bonita with a Lip Sense Combination named Bello

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Which Lip LinerSense is for me?

Are you looking for personal assistance on selecting LipSense, SeneGence or Sense Cosmetics?

It is absolutely my pleasure to assist clients both new and returning with choosing products as well as color selection on a daily basis. Make LinerSenseLargeUp, color and glamor enhancement is fascinating to me and
I love to share all I know.

Recently, I had a new prospective client contact me that is interested in purchasing LipSense LinerSense in Terra Cotta and/or Persimmon. She was having difficultly with viewing the Lip Liner colors online due to the fact that they can appear quite a bit different on the computer and different browsers.

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