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Let’s Create Your SeneGence Face For The New Year

LipSense is the premier product for SeneGence International however it is only the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to the product offering of this cutting edge skincare cosmetic company.

Lipsense from SeneGence

One of the services that I offer my clients is a
FREE LipSense, SeneGence & Sense Cosmetics Consultation

that is tailored to your specific needs. All that I require for this service is that you answer just a few questions about yourself to eliminate any guess work.

Here is a recent request for Consultation from my new customer Gigi below:


I am interested in switching makeup to senegence. I have tried the 3 in 1 Cleanser in the past and loved it immediately.

I have used victoria jackson medium for 21 years (vmakeup dot com).  My skin color is the light of the 2 shades in the medium compact.  I have also used one compact lighter as a highlight in spots on occasion. I rarely do contouring with darker shade of medium.

  • I have medium skin, more olive than pink.
  • Dark brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Cool toned (skin)
  • Navy blue. (favorite color to wear)
  • I prefer light lipstick, pinks. Rose/plum for special. My favorite lipsense colors so far are pink champagne and neutral.

I am very understated. Spend most time on my eyes.

I can’t tell which shade of makeup to choose.

If you have suggestions,they would be appreciated.

and My reply below:

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Meet The Newest LipSense Bonita

Ooh La La! Is my first thought when it comes to the new sizzling hot Bonita LipSense. SeneGence International recently introduced a new “SeneBlends Looks” to further simplify your selecting  just the perfect shade(s) for your own LipSense look.

Bonita LipSenseOriginal Intensity


Bright Pinkish Orange Coral with Golden tones


3 Layers of Bonita LipSense
Top it off with Gold Glitter Gloss for just the right amount of alluring glitz

To Soften Bonita with a color Combination named De Toute Beaute

Bonita De Toute Beaute LipSense copy

Soft Orange Sherbet Coral


2 Layers of Sunburst Orange LipSense
1 Layer Bonita LipSense
Top this yummy look off with Glossy Gloss with Shea butter

Lighten Bonita with a Lip Sense Combination named Bello

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Which Lip LinerSense is for me?

Are you looking for personal assistance on selecting LipSense, SeneGence or Sense Cosmetics?

It is absolutely my pleasure to assist clients both new and returning with choosing products as well as color selection on a daily basis. Make LinerSenseLargeUp, color and glamor enhancement is fascinating to me and
I love to share all I know.

Recently, I had a new prospective client contact me that is interested in purchasing LipSense LinerSense in Terra Cotta and/or Persimmon. She was having difficultly with viewing the Lip Liner colors online due to the fact that they can appear quite a bit different on the computer and different browsers.

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Lip Volumizer and Lipsense, A Winning Combination

LipVolumizer is Here!
In my hands and ready to ship today…Hooray!


You will Plump Up Your Volume from the inside out because this lip plumper is formulated with new leading edge, advanced technology that will not irritate your lips but enhance and plump them up, diminish fine lines and make them appear fuller with continued use.Lip Volumizer Real Results

So here it is a bit of  SeneGence SeneDerm Solutions Science behind the product that reflects the  performance of LipVolumizer in the majority of users in just a 30 Days.

  • Increased Lip Volume – Interesting piece is that the thinner the lips the better it performed.
  • Improved Lip Moisturization
  • Lip Density is Restored

Increase in the Curve of your Lips
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LipSense By SeneGence Valentine Collection

Girl, Valentine, Gotta Love that Diamond LipSense SeneGence would not let Valentine’s Day go by without a perfectly suitable LipSense promotion for the holiday. What comes to mind is Diamonds for the
Oh So Romantic holiday
and the words below are so carefully chosen by SeneGence.

Hearts, Roses and Eternity EleganceLipSense Diamonds for the Lovers holiday

“Be still my heart with ravishing roses, diamonds and pearls.” These lips can be yours for just a limited time.

Diamonds will adorne you lips for this special holiday…

Pink Hearts, Round Roses and an Eternity Flame…You guessed it! All in the form of Diamond LipSense that are guaranteed to last much longer than any other lipstick.

All you have to do is order Pink Heart, Round Rose and Eternity Flame diamond shades of Lipsense ($75.00) and I will send you a LipSense Diamond Pearl Gloss For Free…

That’s a Diamond Gloss ($18.00 value) for Free but you’ll need to hurry because the LOOK will last but the promotion ends February 28th, 2007.

*Only one Free or discounted promotion per order.

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