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Summer LipSense Special

Very excited to share this information and sorry to say that it is not as pretty as I would like it to appear.

Win a Free LipSense Collection Set ($45) with Color of Your Choice

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SeneGence Special with a Gift of Gloss & Oops

with your purchase of $100 or more of
any LipSense, SeneGence, MakeSense Foundation, BlushSense or Eye Products.

****VERY IMPORTANT! Please read prior to ordering your
DO NOT ORDER the gloss or oops but instead in the notes section of the order, specify the gloss you prefer and  absolutely No free shipping with this particular special and order will not be sent if free shipping is selected.

Summer LipSense Special

ONLY one offer per client.
The special will end on Sunday , July 21, 2013

You will surely want to check the Limited edition shades of LipSense that are currently available:
Summer Treat, Summer Love, Melon Ice, Tutti Frutti Ice,
Apricot Ice, Plum Pretty, Red Ginger, Chocolate Orchid,
Napa, Redwood, Pink Plumeria, Pomegranate.


Champagne Ice, Round Rose, Natural Pink, Natural Mauve and Plump Pink LipVolumizer

Promise to put pics up at a later date.


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Top Fifteen LipSense Shades for 2009

LipSense Diamond Lipstick Have you ever wondered which shades are the top selling LIPSENSE colors?
I am asked that question on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis by both prospective new clients as well as long term customers that are hot pursuit of what they feel would be a safe lipcolor purchase.
Most women define a safe purchase as a lipstick shade that compliments any color they choose to wear.

Ah Ha! No Guess work. Light bulb moment

My answer through the years has been in line with what I was told by SeneGence Corporate many moons ago
( I have been a SeneGence Distributor for the past 9 Years…Whew)
that the following shades are the


  1. SheerBerry LipSense -  My description of this shade is a purple based, medium Mauve Berry for the cool toned women.  It’s Safe!
  2. Dusty Rose – Not much different than Sheer Berry, except that it is a brown Mauve Berry which I still consider to be a bit cool toned.
  3. Currant LipSense – Medium toned neutral rosy berry Shade which appears beautiful on both warm and cool toned woman.

The preceding always made sense to me due to the “safe” factor BUT years have gone by and
my business has obviously changed!

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LipSense! Selling the Perfect Product in this Economy

News Flash! LipSense Semi Permanent Lipstain Sells NEWS FLASH!
Have you heard that Lipstick and Beer sales soar in difficult economic times or in this case a recession (such an icky word)?

It just occurred to me that I have been through several economic downturns throughout the past few decades while being employed by various cosmetic companies.

Good or bad, the challenging experience allows me to be an educated veteran of today’s times in the world of cosmetics.

My SeneGence business is very healthy with a good increase over 2007 thanks to thelipsense spread most unique guaranteed lipcolor called LipSense and many loyal users of the rest of the long lasting, semi permanent line of SeneDerm & Sense Cosmetics from SeneGence International.

No lies here…True Story! I was working in my home office yesterday when I turned my head to the TV (just love background noise while working) to a new advertising campaign launched by Avon Cosmetics…You remember? (Door Bell?) Avon Calling. This particular ad campaign is not targeted in the direction of a specific product but instead the opportunity for a women to consider “changing your life by launching a new career to live the life you deserve” by selling Avon Cosmetics.

AH HA! Lipstick sells AH HAH! Moment for me…Lipstick sells! And they know it… Just ask Andrea Jung, the CEO of Avon.

SeneGence offers every woman the choice to become a valued customer or a distributor. Yes! If you choose to become a SeneGence distributor/consultant, you will be your Boss as well as being able to offer women truly revolutionary, exclusive, affordable products that they can use with ease and confidence. Every product performs as promised and is guaranteed. LipSense By SeneGence also allows a tremendous variety of ways to work your cosmetic business. Consider the traditional demos or small to large trade shows, calling on gyms, spas and boutiques or even choose to rent retail space. Many choices with SeneGence and the best is that you will be able to offer the most incredible patented product called Lip Sense. LipSense literally WOWS women and is the Lipcolor of choice for many Hollywood stars as well as a fabulous value.

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LipSense Special in Honor of All New SeneGence Progams

SeneGence, Sense Cosmetics, LipSense Independent DistributorSeneGence International  launched the most incredible progams that are certain to guarantee huge growth for the company as well as the home based Cosmetic Consultants like myself.

In these difficult economic times, it is certainly comforting to work with a company that is sensitive to offering cosmetics that are already an amazing value but additionally LipSense Starter Setdiscounting product sets* to distributors. That special discounted price allows me to pass the savings on to you.

YEAH! a WIN/WIN for all of US.

My newest Lip Sense By SeneGence promotion is...

**Lip SET plus Two Equals 27 and a FREE GLOSS**

Purchase 1 Basic LipSense Lipcolor Set
(Set includes 1 LipSense of your choice, 1 Gloss of your choice and 1 Oops Remover)
Purchase 2 Additional LipSense Colors 
(You choose the colors and now you have 27 Different Lipstick combinations at your fingertips)
FREE LipSense Glossy 
($16.00 value)
HURRY! HURRY! HURRY!  CLICK HERE TO ORDER this offer ends February 28th, 2009

**Please understand that I can only offer one Free or discounted offer per order. No Free shipping with any promotion.

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LipSense Summer 2009 Beauty Tips

SeneGence Sense Cosmetics Maker’s of LipSenseI have just returned from another wonderful SeneGence Seminar experience in sunny Southern California where SeneGence celebrated it’s ten year anniversary. This Seminar experience, once again confirmed that I am so blessed to offer women not only cutting edge technology cosmetics but also marvelous home based career opportunity where you can choose your own destiny.

We shared valuable information with each other and learned all about the amazing and OH so EXCITING! New product introductions as well as lucrative New Distributors programs. Rest assured that a SeneGence Sense Cosmetic Seminar would not be complete without its fair share of glamour training by Makeup Artists and other trained professionals.

It is always exciting to hear from fellow SeneGence Cosmetic Consultants on their perspective of the hottest seasonal looks for new lipsense lipcolor combinations.  SenGence has a diverse group of women that love to share information that ultimately assists in training everyone in pursuit of building a wonderful home based cosmetic busdiamond-lipsense-colorsiness.

Pamela B. stepped up to the stage like a radiant ball of fire, all decked with just the perfect amount of LipSense Diamondsglitz and glamour to convince everyone in the room that she knew her stuff.  Yes! She was confident and ready to share her favorite LipSense lipcolor combinations for coordinating with spring and summer fashion 2009.

It’s quite a colorful season and guaranteed to make you smile!

1 layer Diamond LipSense Princess Plum
1 layer C Coral
1 layer of LipSense Gold Champagne or Sunburst Orange
Top it off with Gold Glitter Gloss

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