Must Have Lipstick shades for Fall 2012

This fall will be Bold & Fabulous with Blazing Reds & Oranges to Burgundy & Wine transitioning all the way to a rich purple Bordeaux complete with all it’s wickedness & romantic allure. LOVE all the gorgeous hues this Fall & Winter 2012 season has to offer from Clothes to Lips and let me not forget Shoes and my garden.

It's my Garden...A True Inspiration for me

All these rich shades leave me feeling very blessed to be a LipSense by SeneGence Distributor so that I may offer you the absolute best long lasting lipstain. Lipsense semi permanent lipcolor is Guaranteed to be smudge proof, smear proof, water proof and Kiss proof for up to 18 hours.  What a solution to an age old Lipstick problem of smearing &  being oftentimes down right messy because they transfer everywhere including other people. It still amazes me! as I sit here realizing that I applied my lipcolor this morning at 5:30 am and it still looks flawless (that is…my lipsense) at 11:50 am. Love it.

Discounted LipSense Collection Set - Color, Glossy Gloss & Oops Remover

I am so excited to share some of my personal top lipcolor shades that promise to take you from plain to dramatic and keep you in step with the bold trends of fall 2012…and the bonus is that it will be pouting perfect from 4 to 18 hours.

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LipSense is an Accessory

Being in step with this Season’s style translates to revving up your color! How to accomplish that can be a daunting and down right scary task, because you ultimately risk looking like a clown.

LipSense the perfect Accessory
Let’s eliminate the guesswork with just a few LipSense colors in shades like
Sweetheart Pink, Fuscia, Samon, Rhubarb and Kiss Me Katie.

My Daughter, Alexis at a recent Photo Shoot
Color saturates my world and, I can assure you that many days I will test the bold color limit with Clothes, Scarf, Purse, Shoes, Jewelry and always my beloved LipSense.  On a recent outing to the Mall, it occurred to me that you could choose to simplify the Bright color explosion by merely making your personal statement with
a dose of fabulous Fuscia, Coral or Tangerine LipSense.

Lipsense Samon Color
THINK about it!  High Impact and low commitment is a winning combination.

Get the LOOK this season by Accessorizing with LipSense…

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A Sweetheart LipSense Special with a Free Gloss

Lipsense in your heartValentine’s Day is just around the corner and that calls for
fabulous kissable lips… with LipSense, of course.

In honor of the Lover’s holiday
it’s all about Red & Pink…
and your added flare!
Lipsense variety of colors

Purchase any Five LipSense Shades
(to include at least 1 Pink and 1 Red from the list below)
You choose either a FREE Glossy Gloss or Pink Glitter Gloss

Red LipSenseBlu Red (Christina Aguilera’s Favorite Lipstick), Cranberry (Christina’s other top pick) or the newest Crimson Red LipSense which is a one of my new staples because it is so sassy and interestingly retro.

Pink LipSense: Rose Ice (Stunning! when layered on top of Cranberry), Creamy Pink or Pink Heart Diamond (LipSense favorite Sheer Pink with just a hit of Diamond dust)
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Luscious Hydrated Lips with LipSense

Winter dull drums are in full swing here! I am looking out my window to view a yard  full of white where it used to be lush & green. My thoughts become focused on sharing all my best ammunition against yucky winter, flaky, gray, dry skin & lips.

Pallette of Color from LipSenseToday is about boosting my spirits with a sincere blast of LipSense color in celebration of my hydrated, well moisturized lips. It’s all about a natural exfoliation process that occurs with daily use of LipSense and my new prescription for elevating that process to new heights.

Recently, a fellow SeneGence Consultant, Pamela B. shared the following added LipSense bedtime exfoliation tip.

    • “Take SeneGence Senederm Dry skin cleanser (will share more info about this astounding product very soon) Mix with a tiny amount of our SeneDerm Solutions Polishing Exfoliator & combine with our Foops. It’s a perfect.”  Her cocktail for hydrating your lips an night is a fabulous solution to completely restore your winter lips.
    • Wear LipSense Glossy Gloss to bed every night. Nothing like putting 95% Shea Butter mixed with all things wonderful for healing you dulled out winter lips.

Lipsense solutions

  • Love…Love…Love! the feel and the results of wearing the new Plump Pink Lipvolumizer over my LipSense. Such a yummy feeling and a gorgeous tint over most any shade I wear. Are you worried that the tinted Lip plumper will change the shade your current favorite Lipsense?  You will want to try the Clear LipVolumizer. The lipvolumizer is now a staple in my lipbag along with my glossy gloss.

Drink lots of water…Make a commitment to do so  if for no other reason than your general health.

I can hardly wait to share all of my SeneGence recipes for hydrated, well moisturized luminous skin this winter. No hype just products that really work and they are 100% Guaranteed.


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Let’s Create Your SeneGence Face For The New Year

LipSense Lipcolor is the premier product for SeneGence International however it is only the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to the product offering of this cutting edge skincare cosmetic company.

Lipsense from SeneGenceBuy Lipcolor

One of the services that I offer my clients is a
FREE LipSense, SeneGence & Sense Cosmetics Consultation

that is tailored to your specific needs. All that I require for this service is that you answer just a few questions about yourself to eliminate any guess work.

Here is a recent request for Consultation from my new customer Gigi below:


I am interested in switching makeup to senegence. I have tried the 3 in 1 Cleanser in the past and loved it immediately.

I have used victoria jackson medium for 21 years (vmakeup dot com).  My skin color is the light of the 2 shades in the medium compact.  I have also used one compact lighter as a highlight in spots on occasion. I rarely do contouring with darker shade of medium.

  • I have medium skin, more olive than pink.
  • Dark brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Cool toned (skin)
  • Navy blue. (favorite color to wear)
  • I prefer light lipstick, pinks. Rose/plum for special. My favorite lipsense colors so far are pink champagne and neutral.

I am very understated. Spend most time on my eyes.

I can’t tell which shade of makeup to choose.

If you have suggestions,they would be appreciated.

and My reply below:

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